Academic Advisors

As a new college student, one major issue that I noticed that tends to be common amongst new college students: they do not utilize the outstanding people known as academic advisors. Academic advisors function as counselors who aids in many different aspects geared toward college students’ success. More specifically, they help walk students through their major and requirements, they provide them with suggestions as to what classes to enroll in, and aid students with any other questions they may have regarding your academics. They have vast knowledge and extensive training in advising, so avoid self-advising. A little forewarning, they too are people and can sometimes give off bad advice unintentionally; however, visit the academic advising office often to speak with the many advisors the college employs to ensure the advice is given is acceptable. Academic advisors do not just sit in their offices advising students; but they provide a friendly atmosphere, a place where students can feel secure in seeking out information. From personal experience, these advisors speak with you with a more casual tone. My first visit ever to the academic advisor’s office included an interesting conversation about a few exciting events going on around campus- aside from the help I needed academically. That goes to show that academic advisors can do more than just advising in academics. So if you have not visited your school’s academic advising office or have not been in a while, schedule to see an advisor soon.


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