Going To Class

I do not understand why this is such a big problem, but many college students decide not to go to class frequently. You are spending thousands of dollars in order to attend college and get an education, why would you choose to not go to class? Imagine it like this: every time you do not show up for class, you are throwing away hundreds of dollars. I don’t know about you, but wasting money does not sound like an enjoyable hobby. If that isn’t enough, then how about your education? Missing out on lectures and time in which you can question your professor on something you may not understand is a major loss. It is going to be much more difficult to pass tests, quizzes, and the class overall. Also, in-class time is not just lectures, classwork, and that sensation to fall asleep as soon as the lesson begins; however, it can be a very enjoyable time. College in general is a wonderful experience full of forged friendships, interesting new knowledge, and unforgettable experiences. Another reason to prioritize going to class is because attending college is a luxury not attainable for everyone, and you should not waste your opportunities to gain a higher level of education. How else do you plan on pursuing your dream career and goals in life? Which brings me to my conclusion, I cannot stress enough the importance to go to class; nevertheless, make use of the opportunity open to you, and learn something new every day.


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