Today’s tip is organization. Maintaining organization can be vital to one’s success in college. On the other hand, being unorganized is a problem common amongst college students that leads to larger problems- which can become overwhelming. I will admit, I was guilty of being an unorganized student. Constantly forgetting where I placed that one homework assignment in my bag, or where I saved that one essay on my computer. If only I would have started off organized, I would not have had as many issues when I began school. Unlike before, I now follow some easy tips as to keeping organized. Some examples include: possessing a planner (electronic or physical), following a consistent daily and weekly routine, and keeping binders, notebooks, and folders for each one of your classes. Having a planner helps remind you of upcoming deadlines and can be useful when prioritizing what work should be done in what order; Following a routine can assist in balancing your life on a day to day basis; and things such as binders and notebooks for each of your classes offers you a way to keep notes and other important papers together to make them easily accessible. Those are just three examples, but whatever methods help you stay organized will suffice. Organization is not only an important skill for college, for it is very important after graduation in your job field. In the end, I only urge that you strive to remain organized through college and make things easy on yourself.


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